Domestic Surveillance

Do you have concerns about your relationship?

Is there a renewed interest in their appearance?

Is your partner protective of their mobile phone? 

Are they being secretive about their activities?  

These are just some of the possible signs of infidelity. You do have the right to know if there is something going on. Naturally, your instinct to try to find out what is going on may lead you to conduct your own investigation. This is fraught with problems. Firstly, and most importantly, you may get caught checking on your partner, which will make them even more secretive and ultimately hinder any effort to uncover the truth.

Of course there is always the chance your suspicions are wrong. This may lead to irreparable damage to your relationship. There is also legal implications and that is why a licensed investigator is the best person to conduct an investigation on your behalf.

The investigation can be conducted discreetly, with the appropriate equipment and training to achieve the right result. At Aussie PI we will gather evidence for you, allowing you to be fully informed of the situation. This gives you the opportunity to make important decisions correctly. When you are troubled, it is often worse living with doubt, rather than knowing the truth and moving on.

During these investigations we are extremely cautious in our approach. We are empathetic, attentive and observant in our work, ensuring your peace of mind and confidentiality. Throughout the investigation updates and information will be provided to you at keys points, keeping you informed of events as they occur. 

If you have a scenario that you would like to run past us, or discuss the best possible solution for your needs, please contact us.

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