Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Will surveillance help to provide clarity to my situation?
A.   YES, we are highly effective in uncovering the truth about your situation. We will endeavour to provide you with the hard evidence which will assist you in making an          informed decision.

Q.   I’m really nervous about hiring a Private Investigator, will it be a secret?
A.   YES, at Aussie P.I. we are understanding and respect the sensitivity of your inquiry. Our investigations are performed discreetly and your identity is never revealed.

Q.   Do Private Investigators have to be licensed?
A.   ABSOLUTELY, all investigators that we use are fully licensed under their local State Act and Legislation. 

Q.   Can the information received from the Investigator be used in court?
A.   YES, if necessary Aussie P.I. can provide statements, reports, video footage and photographic evidence to you and your solicitor to provide leverage for court related          matters. During our investigations you can be assured that all information obtained has been done so legally and confidentially.

Q.   How much will it cost?
A.   Our services are mostly based on an hourly rate. Depending on the type of investigation and the location you may incur travel time, mileage rate and any additional          required expenses will be passed on at receipt price. We always aim to achieve client satisfaction.  

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